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Better Claims Management Starts with Improved Collaboration

All the data your team needs to manage claims efficiently, whenever and wherever they need it.

It’s time to take charge of your risk! Track every claim’s status, financials and limit erosions in real-time all the way through its life cycle – and work collaboratively to resolve them efficiently. No matter where they’re located geographically, key personnel are able to access all claim-related information in real-time and collaborate seamlessly on Trideo’s web-based platform. Trideo’s comprehensive, user-friendly analytics capabilities help turn your data into a valuable business asset. Allowing you to understand key risk drivers and gain insights on how to reduce your loss costs moving forward.

Easy Access and Collaboration – No Matter Where You Are

Stop guessing who’s managing different aspects of a claim and letting important deadlines slip through the cracks. Streamline your workflow on a platform your staff can access anywhere, at any time and on any device. Instead of spending hours searching for documents in multiple locations, upload all claim-related records to a single, easy-to-find electronic file.

Trideo’s Claim Management module puts you on the fast track to productivity and a reduced total cost of risk.

Effortless collaboration and data-sharing

Geographically-disparate teams can communicate, review files, and monitor a file’s progression in real-time.

Get the data you need – when you need it

Upload and manage all claim information electronically. Access the intuitive, searchable platform from any web-connected device.

Faster, more accurate data entry

Intelligent and dynamic screens adapt to the nature of each claim, speeding up data entry while promoting standardized, high-quality data.

Navigate the entire end-to-end claim life cycle

With just one system, mange claims from initial report of a Potential Compensable Event to disposition.

Get proactive

Automated workflows, routing, notifications, and alerts free up time so you can focus on risk reduction and loss costs instead follow ups, and putting out fires.

Manage files your way

Built on claim management best practices and designed to operational on day one, the module is easy to customize and adapts to your workflow.

Analyze Major Risk Drivers and Your Total Cost of Risk

Every risk or claim professional wants to manage claims more efficiently. Wouldn’t it be even better not to just manage claims well now, but learn from every one?

Trideo’s user-friendly analytics make the most of data you’re already collecting by turning it into a strategic asset for your insurance program. Choose from a wealth of template reports, or use Trideo’s point and click ad-hoc reports to create, save, and share your own customized reports. It’s never been easier to truly understand your total cost of risk.

Turn data into an asset

An intuitive point-and-click interface empowers user to spot trends and easily design, save, and share insights through custom data reports.

See the big picture

Comprehensive reports offer actionable insights into loss cost drivers at the facility, medical specialty, and insurance program levels.

Drill down to the details

Short and long-form loss runs provide an up-to-the-minute summary of current and historical losses by policy or accident year, insurance program, claimant, insureds and much more.

Share key insights

Use template and custom reports to track progress against goals, pinpoint emerging trends, and present them at claims committees, board meetings or actuarial reviews and studies.

Built-in Litigation Management

Gain deeper visibility into you legal and expense cost drivers. To reduce expenses, you need to coordinate outside counsel, drive defense efficiency and hit key deadlines – while spending less time on administrative activities or searching frantically for information.

Trideo’s built-in litigation management capabilities empower claim professionals and counsel to collaborate and seamlessly coordinate case defense on a single unified platform. Use automation, to free up valuable time, by calendaring and sharing deadlines, automated audit of legal invoices and using legal budgets to inform your case expense reserves.

Get claim professionals and counsel on the same page

Working on a single unified platform promotes collaboration, productive communication and access to case data no matter where they are.

All key information, all in one place

Track depositions, witness summaries, medical records, pleadings and more on a single platform instead of multiple files and locations.

Reduce costs and improve case defense efficiency

Transparent communication and seamless information sharing among claims and defense counsel helps increase defense efficiency and reduce case level ALAE costs.

Streamline cumbersome admin tasks

Automated diary tasks, based on your litigation guidelines, calendaring and sharing key case dates and automated alerts help ensure no deadlines are missed.

Pay only what you owe

Trideo audits each legal invoice automatically to ensure compliance with billing guidelines, including rates, approved case panel and submitted expenses to eliminate manual review of paper legal bills and more accurately control litigation costs.

Analyze key drives of legal spend

Trideo’s litigation management capabilities tracks, manages and stores all legal budgets and invoices. Allowing claims teams to review, analyze and compare ALAE spend at the case, defense firm or insurance program levels.