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Demystify Risk Management with Trideo

Empowering healthcare clients to better understand, manage and minimize their risk.

Made with Healthcare in Mind

A system that understands how you actually work – to make you even more effective.

Every claims system is built differently. Whether your insurance program is a captive, risk retention group, maintains a large SIR or a combination of the above, managing healthcare claims presents a unique challenge. Claims systems not specifically built for healthcare have a hard time tracking causal factors of adverse events, clinical allegations, medical specialties of named defendants, and managing multiple layers of coverage.

Selecting Trideo, built exclusively for managing risk and claims
in a healthcare setting, provides you:


Built from the ground up to promote claim management best practices

Trideo uses a healthcare taxonomy for tracking and trending data relevant to managing claims, litigation, and risk in a healthcare setting.

Integrated litigation management

Assign cases to outside counsel electronically, collaborate on unified claim file, and automate bill review based on your legal billing guidelines.

Role-based access to files

All stakeholders get real-time access to data from anywhere on any device and can collaborate seamlessly on a single platform through the life cycle of every claim.

A shorter implementation period

Trideo is a fully hosted solution, so you’ll never have to purchase or configure server, manage software upgrades, or scale server capacity. Allowing you to get up and running quickly.

Secure Anywhere Access

We treat your data like you treat your data.

Security is essential – especially when handling privileged Quality Work Product and sensitive patient information. Trideo's security spans the Physical, Network, and Application layers. This ensures security best practices are put in place every step along the way (transit, storage, and access) to keep your most sensitive data secure.

Security is built into Trideo's very foundation. It's upgraded continually to safeguard your vital data assets against breaches and emerging threats. Access is tightly controlled through role-based rights, facility, and insurance program. System administrators can grant or remove user access and rights.

Trideo is HIPAA compliant for data privacy and security. All data in transit is secured through 256-bit SSL encryption and PHI information is encrypted at-rest. All data is stored in a secured SAE16 SOC 2 certified data center and backed up nightly to eliminate the risk of potential data loss.

Intuitive and Innovative

Innovation comes standard.

The healthcare space is ever-change. There are new policy coverages, shared policy limits, data elements to track new and emerging risk, and changing federal statutory reporting requirements for MMSEA Section 111, just to name a few!

Your Risk Management Information System, must be innovative enough to adapt within this dynamic environment. Trideo uses Agile development to always stay responsive to our client’s needs and changing healthcare landscape. We deploy updates and product enhancements regularly, free of charge. There’s no need to purchase new seat licenses, "new or upgraded" versions of our software, or endure lengthy data mapping and migration processes.

To be truly innovative, software needs to be intuitive and easy to use. Risk Management Information Systems should help you be more efficient at tracking and quantifying your most critical data – data you rely on to make key decisions with confidence. Consideration of User Experience is central to every piece of code developed at Trideo, ensuring our clients are more productive and more efficient in every interaction.

Cost-Effective Solution

Enjoy a lower cost of ownership and predictable pricing.

Whether you are looking to manage a reported occurrence from the hospital floor all the way through to the claim’s resolution – or any part in between – you are in the driver’s seat.

Trideo’s modular design allows you to select the fully integrated suite, which include the Event Reporting Management, Claims and Litigation Management, and Section 111 Reporting modules, or only those individual modules to meet your specific needs. You pay only for what you use. With no complicated seat level licenses to track and purchase, all key stakeholders can benefit from the use of the system, making your organization more effective while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Fully integrated and always up-to-date


Software as a Service

Trideo is fully web-based, eliminating anxiety and expenditures associated with procuring, installing, managing, and patching on-premises hardware.

No seat licenses tracking required

Benefit from simplified pricing based on usage and what modules you choose to use, without the need to track and purchase seat-level licenses.

Benefit from all upgrades without the need to upgrade

Wave goodbye to paying for and managing updates and deploying patches. Sit back and enjoy as the latest features and enhancement roll out with no downtime.