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The Fast Track to Improved Patient Safety

From first report to actionable intelligence, in no time flat.

Trideo’s Event Reporting module empowers your frontline reporters to report adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions faster and more accurately than ever before. Trideo’s user-friendly interface is accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing convenient reporting and effortless collaboration. Promote a reporting culture and improved healthcare outcomes.

With consistent, accurate data and Trideo’s analytics capabilities in your hands, you can turn event data into real-world insights to improve patient safety and outcomes. Pinpoint loss drivers, easily share emerging trends with key personnel, and glean valuable data from each reported event.

Enable Your Reporters to Collect More Accurate, Consistent and Actionable Data.

Isn’t it about time you put your frontline reporters first? When they’re forced to wade through clunky, time-consuming data entry processes, there’s little incentive to ensure the data they do enter is accurate and complete – or even report the event at all.

Trideo’s user-friendly design gets more reporters on board. Give busy personnel the tools they need to successfully report events, near misses and unsafe conditions quickly and accurately to improve patient safety.


Reduce event entry time

Capture information accurately with customizable lists and intuitive drop-down menus, instead of relying on time-consuming manual data entry.


Increase data accuracy and consistency

Intelligent forms adapt to the type and category of the event being reported, helping reporters capture the right details, quickly and accurately in real-time.


Foster a reporting culture

A user-friendly design eliminates usability barriers, increases user adoption leading to standardized, consistent, and high-quality data.


Get the Right Data, to the Right People, at the Right Time – All on One Platform

How many times have you discovered something that would have been easily addressed, if only you had seen it earlier? Even if you collect comprehensive data on every adverse event, it’s not worth much unless the right people are able to easily access it and respond accordingly.

Trideo uses automation and workflows to help ensure the right personnel respond quickly and intelligently to high-priority reported events. This improves outcomes and increases patient safety helping to lower your risk.


Respond promptly

Automated alerts and notifications, routed based on user role and event location, help key personnel act quickly to triage high-priority events.


Resolve event quickly and efficiently

Work collaboratively from a unified platform and assign follow-up tasks, as needed, to contain costs and resolve events efficiently.


Improve patient safety

Assign personnel to investigate events, perform Root Cause Analysis, and notify managers when assigned investigations are complete.


Effortless collaboration and data sharing

Geographically disparate personnel and patient safety teams are able to access all event related data on Trideo’s web-based platform to communicate, coordinate actions, add or review all relevant information to monitor progress effortlessly.


Spot Key Loss Drivers and Learn from Every Event

Having the data you need to respond effectively to events now saves you time, money, and improves outcomes. But to really get the most from your data, you need to turn it into insights to avoid adverse events moving forward.

Trideo’s analytics features help you do just that. Get a bird’s eye view or drill down to specific event categories, severity levels, departments, and much more. Allowing you to identify loss drivers and providing you with the data to eliminate them moving forward.


See the big picture

With all event data in one place, comprehensive aggregate reports offer insight into developing trends and effectiveness of patient safety initiatives.


Get granular

Drill down to occurrence details to easily determine causal factors and compare performance across facilities and departments.


Pinpoint major loss drivers

Use comprehensive event data to identify the source of your events – and how to reduce occurrence frequency.


Share insights with staff, executives, and committees

With a click of a button, share key information by exporting data to Excel or through print-friendly report summaries.