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Medicare, Section 111 Compliance Made Simple

Avoid costly fines and needless file rejections.

Complying with MMSEA Section 111 requirements can often seem complicated and feel like a nightmare. Trideo’s Section 111 Reporting module streamlines this complex regulatory reporting process. Stop guessing about which forms to fill out, data submission formats, data entry errors, and trying to keep track of every deadline all on your own.

Trideo’s user-first design and built-in error checking simplifies compliance, saving you time by submitting the right data, at the right time. Gain peace of mind from not having to re-submit needlessly rejected files, while avoiding potentially costly fines from non-compliance – while Trideo consistently monitors and is updated to meet all changes mandated by Section 111 reporting requirements.

Save Time and Simplify a Complex Process

Section 111 reporting is anything but intuitive, but Trideo makes it so. Spend less time figuring out which data fields to fill out, how to format the data, and when reports need to be submitted to remain compliant. Seamlessly import claimant data to avoid countless hours of re-entering data manually.

Whether you decide to use Trideo’s Claim Management module or retain your existing claims management processes, it has never been easier to create and submit the required quarterly file reports and optional monthly queries, and submit them accurately the first time.


Speed up data entry and improve accuracy

Intuitive forms empower your team to fill out Medicare Beneficiary verification queries and reportable payments quickly.

Automated re-submission of non-beneficiaries

Automated re-submission of non-beneficiaries, eliminates needless data re-entry for verification queries until eligibility is either confirmed or claim file is closed.

Seamless integration with Trideo’s Claim Management module

Full integration between Trideo’s Claims and Section 111 Reporting modules automates the creation of claimant beneficiary status queries and reportable payments, without the need to re-enter data.

Easily upload bulk claimant data from your existing system

It’s simple to upload claimant data to generate Medicare verification queries without the need to change your existing claims system.

Submit the Right Data in the Right Format Every Time.

You’ve probably felt the frustration that accompanies the realization that your report submission was rejected due to data entry or clerical error, and the anxiety associated with potential non-compliance penalties. You need a solution that provides you the tools you need to submit accurate data, properly formatted to CMS’ standards, and identify potential failures before each submission.


Up-front error checking and validation

Robust error checking and validation features built within the forms ensure potential causes of file rejections are caught and addressed.

Formatting made simple

Trideo takes care of formatting queries, TIN Files and reportable payments to make compliance as easy as pressing the submit button.

Increase data accuracy

Intuitive forms use drop-down menus, making quick work of filling out Medicare Beneficiary verification queries and reportable payments quickly.

Fully Integrated and Always Updated to Make Compliance Simple

Figuring out how to comply with complex reporting requirements is challenging enough. Adding deadlines across numerous reporting obligations can make the most organized risk professional struggle to track all the moving parts and pieces.

Its time to stop scrambling and start streamlining. Trideo’s Section 111 Reporting module uses intelligent forms to walk users through every step. When deadlines approach, the right people are notified and can act to meet them. Comply, and stay in compliance whenever Section 111 reporting guidelines change.

Seamless integration between Trideo’s Claim and Litigation Management and Section 111 Reporting modules automate creation of claimant Beneficiary status queries and reportable payments, without the need to re-enter data.


Avoid costly fine and confusion

From initial registration, all the way to ongoing reporting, Trideo walks you through every step to help you stay in compliance and avoid fines.

Act fast to meet deadlines

No matters where key personnel are located, automated alerts inform them of upcoming submission deadlines, file status and responses received.

Protect yourself from potential audits

Trideo retains all submission and response file histories automatically in case of potential CMS audits.

Ongoing compliance on autopilot

Trideo monitors and updates all changes mandated by Section 111 guidelines to ensure that what you report, how you report is based on the most updated reporting requirements. Stay in compliance – without the hassle.